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Um, Doc I know what the problem is...I can't make sperm...

We got a call from our donor after the last round (and by call I mean message on the answering machine) that he was no longer interested in donating b/c he and his boyfriend were thinking of moving in together.  Things are getting serious and IF they want to look at adoption, how would he feel about having his own child that he couldn't see...

AAARRGGG.  This is why we had multiple conversations about these very topics and you said it was "just sperm".  I totally support R making a decision that is right for him, however changing his mind after this short amount of time was frustrating and very difficult for us to handle.

Then my friend announced she was pregnant (fertility intervention, I am so happy for her and wishing her all the sticky baby love I can), and then my cousin and his wife.  On top of the others earlier this fall...too much to handle.  I kinda fell into a slump.  I got weepy whenever I saw little ones and had to rush past baby things in the store.  Pa.thet.ic.  It really felt like it wasn't going to happen for us.


B did what she always does when I just can't take the lead anymore.  She took control, got on the phone, got on the lists for testing, and kept calling back to see if there were any cancellations everyday.  It worked!  She will have all the testing done this week for going to the fertility clinic and the Doc says we can expect to hear from them as early as next week for our first appointment!!!

I'm very excited, and very sorry for the length.  

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Re: Um, Doc I know what the problem is...I can't make sperm...

  • Im sorry to hear about loosing your donor! That does suck =(
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  • Good luck with the fertility clinic!! We hope you get a sticky baby soon!!!
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  • Sorry your donor backed out, but it's probably best you found out now.  Good luck!

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