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Daycare Recs Townsend/Acton area

 A friend of mine just had her first baby a couple of months ago and is going back to work in a few weeks and just doesn't know where else to look! She's already been to a few places and they just weren't for her (quite scary actually).  She lives on the Mason, NH/ Townsend, MA line and works in Acton so any where in between would be great!  She told me that she is considering daycare in Townsend, Littleton, Acton, Groton MA. 

Any recommendations would be such a big help!

Re: Daycare Recs Townsend/Acton area

  • My daughter is at the Learning Experience in Littleton and we have had a great experience there so far. She has been there since September and she is in the toddler room. She only goes two half days, but she amazes me with how much she has learned.
  • I suggest The Children's Center at Groton in Groton, MA (
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