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10 dpiui (SAIFW)

Every cycle I say I am not testing until I am late and I always cave at 10dpiui.  I have a bachelorette party to go to tonight and I knew I shouldn't have tested, but I did and not I am so depressed. I have an appt with my RE on friday to discuss endometriosis testing.  Did anyone with endo go on to try the natural way and get a BFN. I am about ready to move onto IVF. I know I have only done 2 IUI's but I am sick of trying and want to be pregnant already : (

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  • I just wanted to say I am sorry. ((hugs)) I hope you get answeres from your RE on Friday.
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  • Big hugs I am so sorry!
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  • I'm so sorry. I can totally understand where you're coming from on wanting to just move forward to IVF. I've been there a while now, but my RE wanted us to give it one more shot with IUI. Good luck with whatever you and your RE decide.
  • I'm curious what kind of endo testing your RE wants to do? I've always read that the only way to diagnose it for sure is with a lap. I had one back in June after TTC for a year and the RE cleared my endo out. I tried for 3 cycles on my own afterwards before moving on to clomid/IUIs.
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  • So sorry to hear that.  I hope you get answers and get your little miracle soon.
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  • I am so sorry, but it could still be too early. ?Go out tonight and try to have some fun and tomorrow at the game and maybe test again on 12 or 13 dpiui. ?Are you having any AF symptoms? ?
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    ***SAIF welcome***


  • If I didn't have Emerson I would have been doing IVF after two tries with the IUI.  I can't justify the cost of IVF since I already have a kiddo so, I'll do a total of 4 tries with IUI and then, I'm done with IF treatments.  GL to you!
  • Thanks everyone and If they test for endo it will be a lap.
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