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Now what?

So we've got the vials, the LH surge and the appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning. Now I'm starting to think about what to do after the iui to boost our chances. (Or really, what things I can do to fool myself into feeling productive and like I have some control of this process Big Smile Ha!)

I've read about resting after the iui, keeping my core warm and eating pineapple with the core during the implantation phase. Any other thoughts?

TIA and Happy Friday!!!


Re: Now what?

  • A co-worker who had IUIs to get pregnant swore that having an O (will The Bump let me type that?) after the insemination was the key for her getting pregnant (chalk this up to TMI from a co-worker.) But it didn't help me (chalk that up to TMI from a board poster.)Stick out tongue

    I did accupunture after my last 3 insems - but other than that I didn't do anything else special. I'd get back in my car and drive myself back to work. How romantic. Smile

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  • Sure, you can do any of those things.  They might help or they might just make you feel better.  Studies have shown that you should remain lying down after the IUI for at least 10 minutes.  Your doctor will probably give you more time than that but make sure you get that 10.  The studies I've seen on pineapple have been contradictory.  It seems (from what I read) you have to eat way more than is humanly possible for it have an effect.  That said, plenty of TTCers still give it a try.

    FWIW after all 3 of my IUIs I went back to life as normal.  2 of 3 worked.  So don't try to stress too much about doing every little thing right.  Enjoy the day and the moment :-)  Good luck!


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  • After our (successful) iui, the midwife gave us 20ish minutes in the room alone so I could stay laying down with my hips propped on pillows.  Afterwards, we went home and I continued to lay down for a while (even though the 20 minutes is supposed to be plenty enough - it just made me feel better!).

    We are also believers in the big O helping Wink and in our case, I guess it did! (Though - not to get way is said that you should avoid penetration because if there's any sperm left hanging around in the vag [I didn't think there would be with an iui...but in my case there was], penetration can actually cause some of it to um...slide right out out, lol.  The idea of the nonpenetrative big O helping is that it is supposed to help draw the sperm up to where it needs to go.)  Okay, that is totally enough TMI for me, lol.

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  • Our last (successful) IUI I went home and laid down all day and the next day. I didn't do much during the 2ww either, except over analyze every twinge and cramp and feeling, and ask lots of questions to my super supportive peeps here, and google every pregnancy related thing imaginable.

    Gooooood Luck!!!  


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  • It may just be coincidence, but I did get pregnant all three tries that included an O and a big nap shortly after the IUI (upon returning home, not at the doctor's office... can you imagine?).  The only other change-up during those cycles was doing a few sessions of accupuncture within a week of the IUI.
  • Thanks for taking the time to respond. Never TMI! I appreciate it all. So, I guess we'll just have to make sure the big O happens just in case. Oh, man...What a bother. Not!!! Smile
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