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Christmas Cards

Really, I'm just looking for someone to make me feel okay about this... :)

I decided that we weren't doing Christmas cards this year, since I thought for sure that we'd have our hands full by the end of November/early December with our LO. Plus, we'll be sending birth announcements out using photos from the newborn shot....and who really expects a Christmas card from a 10 month pregnant lady, right?

Now I'm feeling guilty since I sit at home BORED each day looking for things to do. Yes, I could still do them, but I guess my laziness is over-riding the guilt. Plus, it would be a generic card from a box versus our usual fun, photo-themed card.

Would you do cards... or still skip them? 

Re: Christmas Cards

  • I wouldn't worry about it.  If you don't feel like it - don't do them.

     I'm crazy and love Christmas so I would, but that's just because I love doing Christmas cards (I must be the weirdest person on Earth!) lol

    Just concentrate on getting that little one out!

  • I'm totally skipping cards this year too! My rationale was the same: "But we'll be sending out birth announcements soon!" :)

    I felt guilty at first, but now I'm over it. Everyone truly understands why cards aren't high on the priority list this year, and I think they are much more excited about getting a birth announcement anyway. I say, enjoy your "lazy" time at home while you can... guilt-free! :)?

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  • SKIP SKIP SKIP them!!! Most definitely!
  • Two Christmases ago I was on hospital bed rest. And while I was bored out of my mind, I just couldn't bring myself to do them for the same reason - I was expected to have a baby at any time and I was busy addressing birth announcement envelopes. So I did e-cards. Just designed one on the computer, saved it as a JPEG and sent it to everyone with a little update about how we were all doing. I felt relief at doing that and it only took a couple of hours.

    Here it is (we've always done cat cards...)


  • Ok, thanks for validating my laziness ladies! :)

     And great idea with the e-card, didn't think about that! 

  • I say skip the christmas cards.  I knew we'd be doing 5x7 announcements (which are cheap at costco if you're going that route . . 5x7 prints are 39 cents) so I went to AC Moore and picked up a pack of envelopes/plain 5x7 cards (I just stuck the 5x7 in the blank card to protect it in the mail) and got them all addressed before DS got here.  It was such a life saver and relief to have them done once I got the announcements printed.  So if you want to feel better about using your time you can always work on addressing for the annoucements instead.

    I am not into doing cards this year either with going back to work this coming week and everything else holiday related going on.  But then I feel bad bc its Jack's first Christmas so we'll see.


  • I think you're fine not sending any out. If you really want to send some out, you could go get the photo frame ones and have them all addressed and written out and then just go get however many copies of photographs you need at target or rite aid and pop them in the cards and mail them out.
  • We decided to wait until the birth announcements also, I figured people would understand :)

  • Skip them.

    Work on the labels for your birth announcements if you feel guilty!

  • I'm sure everyone will forgive you when they see your announcements!

    Sorry to hear that you are so far past your due date.  It must be miserable Sad

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