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Ravenna/Kent/Akron Ladies...Come In!

We are headed that way for the week of Cmas. This year I want to get out of the house, and find something for little man to do.

Where do you guys take the LO during the winter months....we have tons of indoor play grounds here that have yummy coffee to go along. Anything like that up there? There has to be.....you guys have so much snow, cabin fever has to set in!


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Re: Ravenna/Kent/Akron Ladies...Come In!

  • I would love a place like that. The best I know of is McDonalds in Stow with an indoor play area.
  • The McDonal's in Streetsboro also has a indoor play area.  Besides that I'm not too sure.  Sorry I could not be more help.
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  • We used to go ice skating at Kent State when I was little. And we'd go sledding at Virginia Kendall park. If your son is old enough/up to it, you can always go skiing at Brandywine/Boston Mills. :) You just have to embrace the cold!

  • Kindermusik classes are the BEST!

    kindermusik.westernreservecfa.com has classes close by

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