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indoor play areas

i'm a stay home mom with a 4yr old & was wondering if anyone knew of any indoor playareas around the nashua area. the closest one i have seen is in acton, ma it's the gymboree, i really don't want 2 drive that far. or any moms in this area that r doing playdates???? i've never satyed home b4 & we're pregnant with r 3rd child & i wanted to try out the whole staying home thing, but none of my friends have kids & i don't know of any mothers with my son's aged children!!

Re: indoor play areas

  • I haven't been there but there is one in Londonderry, the discovery stop.
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  • There is the Kaliedescope Museum in Manchester. It is geared for kids 1 to 5 (I think). It is $10 for admission but has a lot of great things (ie: tree house. pirate ship). The parking is a pain if you go during the week!
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  • There is also the Hudson MOMS Club and Nashua MOMS Club that have playdates, outings, etc. Each has a yearly fee ($25). The Hudson MOMS Club is small so you get to meet people easier than the Nashua MOMS Club. HTH!
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