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For those paying OOP for treatment...

How are you doing this?  Are you saving the funds then moving forward?  Did you take a loan?

I was just diagnosed and need to do IVF with ICSI.  I am overwhelmed with the costs, but I don't want to let any more time slip by.  I am 37 and have high FSH.  If it is going to work with my eggs, it needs to happen now.

We can afford one cycle, but I am trying to figure out how we can fund more if another IVF is needed or if we should need donor eggs.  Should I take it from my 401k?  Or should we just try the adoption route - which isn't any cheaper, but has better odds of success.  Plus the tax break and my employer give $5000 towards adoption costs, adoption looks like an alternative.


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Re: For those paying OOP for treatment...

  • I was lucky enough to have everything up to diagnoses covered. It was all labeled under "reproductive health" instead of "infertility testing." That certainly was a help. However, everything else is OOP. 

    Talk to your RE. They might have programs to help. Also, many REs have suggested finance companies that can work with you. This is one thing that we will be doing. Here are a few sites to help you out. Make sure you see with your RE works with this companies.


    Attain IVF Treatment Plan.

    Infertility Treatment Financing

    I was also lucky enough to find a clinic that was running a PCOS IVF study which is greatly reducing the costs. I was able to find out about the study through Facebook and the IntergraMed page. You can "friend" them if you have a Facebook about. They are always posting information about varies realms of IF.


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  • My DH's insur was out of Illinois even tho we live in Michigan...IL insur covers IVF!  If it hadn't, we would have taken the adoption route.

     I agree, if you can get into a study, that may be your best bet.  Talk to a financial advisor about loan options.  When we talked to ours, she said we could do IVF or adoption but not both (if we didn't want to be broke).  Since insur covered IVF, we went that route.  Insur is changing in Jan so the IVF we just did a few wks ago will be our last (I'm going to be 39 in 2 wks).

    I talked with someone yesterday that went through 3 IVFs and none worked.  They didn't have any money to adopt so they are childless.  They have pets so they are happy but who knows how they would feel if they had chosen a diff. route.

    Whatever your decision, Good Luck!!!

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