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How long are you planning to BF?

Before my DD was born my goal was 6 months for breastfeeding. Now that she is almost 5 months old, I am thinking about BF till about 1 year old. What are you doing?

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Re: How long are you planning to BF?

  • My initial goal was 1 year.  Now that DD's here and we've gotten the hang of things, I'm thinking I'll actually go to 2 years -- or whenever DD self weans, if that's earlier.
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  • My goals were/are the same.  I started out with a long term goal of 6 months and once we reached it I set a new goal of on year. 

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  • My initial goal was 1 year, but DD is 18 months old and I am still nursing her.

    I honestly am not sure how long I plan to BF now. Some days I think I will let her keep nursing until she self-weans, whenever that may be, and others I think I will start weaning her at the end of flu season if she hasn't self-weaned by then.

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  • Not sure! At this point I think I'll just take my cues from DD.  Maybe the time will come that I'm ready to nudge things along...we'll see.  I wonder if she'll wean during my pg or whether I'll be tandem nursing the two!

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  • I will for sure BF for the first year and likely beyond.  It is recommended here that breastfeeding be done at least for the first two years if possible...  as long as Baby is into it I figure.
  • I would like to go one year, and transition him directly from BM to cow's milk.

    If I were a SAHM and didn't have to pump 3x a day, I would definitely consider going longer. 

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  • A year and then we'd like to try and get prego again.  My first goal was 3 months, that turned into 6 and now i'm thinking a year. 
  • My goal is 1  year.
  • My goal is a year but I will hopefully be SAHM by then so we may go longer if she wants.
  • I make mini goals, my first was 1 month, now I'm going for 3 months, 6months, and 1 year.
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