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XP: Clomid symptoms.....

Sick of clomid questions yet? :) 

After 2 years TTC, 1 miscarriage, 2 laps, we are finally able to move forward.

So... I am going to start clomid soon and it seems a lot of people have horrible horrible side effects, was this true for you? What were your side effects and how bad were they, or did you have very little side effects? Did clomid work for you? Any tips to help with the side effects?

I am sorry I'm sure this has been asked a bazillion times... appeciate the help ladies :)

Re: XP: Clomid symptoms.....

  • I have done 6 Clomid cycles.  In the beginning I did not have any side effects at all.  It was not until the last few cycles when they really upped my dose that I began to hate it.  Headaches, mood swings were really the worst for me.  I did not have the hot flashes.  The last cycle thought I had some visual changes which means no more Clomid for me.

    Good Luck! 

  • It wasn't that bad for me. I was a little moody and had some pretty uncomfortable pain when I Oed. Overall not too bad.
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  • Last cycle, my worst was crying for about 3 days and hot flashes.

    Still have the hot flashes this cycle but no crying.  Instead I had really bad nausea for a couple weeks.

  • I didn't really have any side effects. I was on 50 mg Clomid for 3 cycles, twice, if that makes sense. GL!
  • 12 cycles of clomid.  Some months I hated it.  hot flashes, mood swings, cramping, serious swelling. 

     BUT - totally worth it.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  DD is 2 years old.

    After three years TTC, four IUI's plus 2 cancelled, MFI (morph, motility, count), maternal age (40 as of 5/12) & former endo, we're moving to IVF spring 2012 (good/avg AMH and FSH). We did beat the odds once, however. DD born after 2 years TTC with clomid and no monitoring at my age 35. Doctors are SHOCKED we were able to conceive. Here's hoping for another miracle.
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