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Need middle name help please

So I think we have decided on Reagan for our girl name, but we can't think of a middle name that flows well.  Our last name is 3 syllables and begins with T.  I actually love Reagan Alexis but then her initials would be RAT.  DD is Taylor Brynn.  Thanks for the help ladies!

Re: Need middle name help please

  • If you love Alexis, use Alexis.  Who cares if her initials are RAT?  It's just an animal, not something crude or embarrassing.
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  • What about Hope?  or Sophia?  I don't know... if you really like Alexis that you could just go with that.  It's not like RAT means something totally awful... it's just an animal.
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  • No, kids are terrible and I don't think I could forgive myself if my child was nicknamed Rat.  I guess I only posted about it to avoid getting 'A' names. 

  • Reagan Jane

    Reagan Noel

    Reagan Laine 

  • Reagan Fawn

    Reagan Brielle

    Reagan Violet

    Reagan Aurora

  • I agree you should stay away from RAT

    I like Reagan Michelle


  • It's true kids will find a way to be cruel, but you really know that many peoples' initials?  

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  • if your #1is Taylor Brynn, what about the #2 bein Reegan Lynn kinda cute


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  • A good friend of mine has the initials RAT. She totally embraced it. "Rat" was kind of her nickname in hs and it was never a problem for her.
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