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size of follicles before trigger shot?

I'm just curious what my follicle sized "should" have been for the best case scenario for the IUI?  I believe my RE said I had two in my left ovary that were 16 and 18 and two in my right that were about 13.  that was 24 hours before my trigger shot.  

the IUI was last Wednesday and I'm more than a week until my beta, so of course I am 100% obsessed.  joy.   

Re: size of follicles before trigger shot?

  • When we got PG with the trio I did just one ultrasound, it was CD 13 I had 4 noteworthy follies, one side was 18.5 and 13.5 the other 16.5 and 16. I did my trigger CD 14 pm and the IUI on CD 16.
    Good luck!!!
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  • holy cow! Then I guess it's a possibility with the follicle sizes I had!   Thanks for the information. Your kiddos are so cute!!! 
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  • 18 mm = the smallest that's universally accepted as "ovulate-able" but you have to remember they grow everyday sometimes by multiple MM and O comes 24-36 hours post trigger shot may have quite the batch in there!

    Congrats and good luck!
  • I had an 16 mm and a 20 mm. I think it was the 16 mm that did it because I felt major cramps on that side. GL!
  • I had a 30 mm and a 16 or so mm on CD 14. Did trigger the same day and IUI on CD 16. I am now pg with twins so the smaller follie must have done something! i think your sizes sound pretty good.
  • Ideal depends on meds, but I can say that my DD was a result of a 15.9mm follie and I had a follie of 15.8mm today and will be triggering tomorrow.  Good luck!!!

    ETA: I found my former post on the matter!  The norms at trigger (regardless of cycle day) are: unmedicated or clomid 20-24mm, FSH-only meds a minimum of 17 or 18mm, and FSH+LH a minimum of 16 or 17mm. It is possible for slightly smaller follicles, 14-15mm, to contain a viable egg.  But...mine was on Femara (so in the clomid category) was only 15.9mm (DD has always been little, LOL), and my current cycle is unmedicated (I'm still BFing) at 15.8mm and my RE wasn't concerned this time either.

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  • They say anything above an 18 is considered matured.  They grow 1 to 2 mm per day so at the time of your trigger you would have had an 18 and 20 and by the time of your IUI potentially a 20 and a 22.

    My last IUI I a 20 and 23 mm at my trigger.


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