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Milk Protein Allergy?

When/if you add some dairy into your diet what are your baby's symptoms? I was convinced DS had a sensitivity to milk protein so I cu tout all dairy and he was fantastic. Then My Dr. thought it was a crock, so I added some back in but he seems to be spitting up a TON now. Now I'm wondering if I should ignore the Dr. and go dairy free again.

 His original "symptoms" were excessive spitting up, arching back and uncomfortable (reflux), BMs only every 3-4 days, cranky cranky cranky, difficulty sleeping. Dr. says none of this points to milk protein allergy but another Dr. told me otherwise...

Thanks for any advice.

Re: Milk Protein Allergy?

  • I would ignore the doctor.  If your baby is much happier when you don't have dairy then I would give it up for both of your sakes.
  • Milk intolerance and a milk allergy are two different things. According to DS's allergist, intolerance tends to bring about digestive ailments like the ones you mention above.  An allergy brings on a whole body, anaphylactic response (hives, breathing difficulty, etc) because the body sees the protein in milk as a foreign invader and tries to fight it off.

    It definitely sounds like your guy has a sensitivity at the very least.  I say do what works.  If cutting out dairy helps him I would stick with it.



    My twins are 5! My baby is 3!

    DS#2 - Allergic to Cashew, Pistachio, Kiwi

    DS#3 - Allergic to Milk, Egg, Peanut, Tree Nuts and Sesame

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