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how many ounces does your 8 week old take

I am starting to pump for when I go back to work.  How many ounces and how many feedings does your child take???  I will be at work from about 7am - 4pm so I will need enough bottles during that time.  I just wanted to try and plan how much I might need per day.

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Re: how many ounces does your 8 week old take

  • Mine only takes about 3 oz out of a bottle and she's 8 weeks old.  She eats every 2 to 2 1/2 hours on the breast so i'm not sure how much she gets there.  I just know when my husband has given her a bottle (which we're tryinig to get her used to once before bed) it's never more than 3 oz.  She's a good eater too and is gaining weight just fine.
  • This is what my pedi, and LC told me..hope it helps..  

    Average intake by age:  birth to two months: 2-5 ounces per feeding

                                               two to four months: 4-6 ounces per feeding

                                               four to six months: 5-7 ounces per feeding

    Average intake by weight:  The average baby who isn?t eating anything but milk needs about two and a half ounces per pound of weight.  Some babies need more, some need less in order to gain weight adequately.  A ten-pound baby needs about 25 ounces in twenty-four hours (round up an ounce or two to be on the safe side ? say 27 ounces) which means that if he eats eight times in 24 hours, he would need a little over three ounces at each feeding.  You?ll get a feel for how much he will eat at each feeding as he begins to take bottles on a regular basis.

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  • My LO is 7 weeks but already 13lbs.  Needless to say he is a big eater.  I EBF, so I don't know how many oz he is getting.  He does get 1 pumped bottle a day.  He usually takes 4-6oz in a bottle. 
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