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10 month old nursing schedule

So I have no idea how BFing changes as the baby grows.  I'm so used to nursing every 2-3 hours and now it's so different.  DS's going 4+ hours.  Once solids are introduced, what happens?  I know BM/formula should be the primary source of nutrition until they're at least 1 year old.  I also heard that you should spread out nursings and solids so they still drink what they're supposed to.  Like, I nurse and do solids, 2 hours apart from each other.  Sometimes it happens that he gets solids an hour apart from nursing, but he still seems hungry.  I want him to get all the nutrition he's supposed to and don't want to mess it up by giving him too much solids.  So, he's 10 months and was nursing 5 times a day.  We're down to 4 now, is that ok?  We nurse at wake up (8-10 hours since last), then after first nap (5-6 hours since last), then 2 hours after lunch (4 hours since last), then for bed (3 hours since last).  Is that enough?  I have no idea how much he's taking in though.  I hope he's getting the right amount of nutrition!
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Re: 10 month old nursing schedule

  • I don't know from first hand experience yet, but I've always heard that you don't want a baby filling up on solids, so you should nurse first, then offer solids.  So, maybe instead of spreading nursing and solids out by a couple hours, do the solids immediately after nursing?

    I know by 12 months a baby is supposed to get most of his nutrition from solids, not breastmilk, so I guess at some point you wouldn't need to nurse first, but I don't know how you make that transition.  Sorry!!

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  • This is what we do 5 days a week but I'm in no way an expert so who knows. Weekends we nurse when he wants and keep solids going about the same times as below. Oh, and while there are times and ounces listed really - the kid changes his mind daily on how much and when so I'm using averages. :)

    Wake: 6:30 am - nurse, then off to daycare

    Breakfast solids (cereal/BM and fruit) around 8:00 and 3 oz bottle after.

    Lunch solids (veggie/fruit or protien/veggie) around 11:00, 4 oz bottle sometime after to nap.

    Sippy of BM (5oz) after nap as needed. Snack around 3 (cheerios, fruit)

    Pick up at 4:30/5:00, nurse

    Nurse at 7:00, bedtime. Nurse if he wakes up at night (usually around 3:30 am).

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  • I fogot - dinner solids when we get home and settled. usually around 5:30/6:00.


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