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Sour Milk?

I just started back to work and have started thawing out milk from my stash and have found some of it is sour and some is fine. Some of it is fine until I warm up a bottle and then it smells sour. I stored some of it Medela containers and some in the bags. It never defrosted and refroze and it was fresh when I froze it. Also it's only from Oct. Any one else have this problem? Any advice/suggestions to keep this from happening? TIA

Re: Sour Milk?

  • are you sure its sour? have your LO taste it. they will ABSOLUTELY REFUSE sour milk. defrosted milk smells nasty, sour milk will make you gag.
  • It might not be sour as much as an over powering iron smell. I think it smells nasty. I gave her a bottle and she ate it...half way through I thought it smelled sour so I stopped feeding it to her. She was fine with it .... I wasn't.
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  • COuld be excess lipase, I have this problem, DS will not drink my frozen/thawed milk. It won't harm baby at all, but some will refuse it. If she drinks it then it is fine, she won't drink milk that is sour. Check out or google excess lipase
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  • Maybe something you ate?  Do you take a viamin or supplement some days?  Omega supplements appparently affect milk's taste.

    I had some milk storage issues and did some experiments. I found I can't mix different days milk or it goes funky.  I also have to freeze it the same day I pump it and store it at the back of the freezer. But as the PPs have said, when its truly bad there is no question about it, they won't drink it and it will make you gag.


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