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3rd tri-er needing advice: diaper supplies

I want to stock up this weekend on diaper-related supplies.  What do you recommend and what brands (wipes, creams, powders, etc.)?  Oh, and I'll be using disposables.  I've never changed a diaper in my life so I'm clueless.  Thanks!
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Re: 3rd tri-er needing advice: diaper supplies

  • I use Vaseline instead of diaper rash cream. It doesn't contain harsh chemicals and works more efficiently in my opinion. Rash creams made my older daughters, when they were babies, break out worse to the point of open and bleeding sores! So Vaseline is all I use. And it is inexpensive.

    I use Huggies diapers but mommas of boys seem to prefer Pampers more. I use Pampers Sensitive wipes. Hands-down the BEST wipes I have found.

    No powders necessary. Baby can aspirate the powder. 

    When you change a diaper you wipe them up (girls you wipe from front to back to avoid getting feces in the vagina), put a new diaper under them and then you can use a barrier cream (like the Vaseline or whatever you choose to use) when the skin is DRY. Voila! You have changed a diaper. 

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  • With cream I haven't really used anything except vaseline when his bottom was getting a little red. 

    Diapers:  I personally like the Pampers Swaddlers.  At first with DS we had to fold down the top if it because if we didn't we had leaks.  And if your having a boy always make sure his penis is pointing down when you put on the diaper I learned that the hard way! lol

     Wipes:  I like the Huggies kind.  I bought the parent choice ones from walmart last time to save money and they suck.

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  • We bought Huggies Naturals and quickly learned they run a little big and Emily would leak out of them b/c we can't get them tight enough around her skinny little legs.  We had to switch to Pampers Swaddlers. 
  • Dont stock too too much on Newborn size diapers because they grow out of them fast, maybe just one BIG box. My ds liked the Pampers Sensitive wipes WAY baby then huggies sensitive or any regular kind because they are less wet, he stopped crying during changes when we switched. Also baby powder is a no no. Alsoooooo - my pedi told us NO Johnson baby products, our ds got a horrible rash and he said its from the J products, way too perfumed. Once we switched the rash dissapeared.

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  • For wipes I use Huggies sensitive...i've been using this on DD since week 2 w/ no problems what-so-ever.

    Creams- I use desitin. I use this on whenever I suspect a rash and it goes away almost immediately...I notice a difference w/in the next few diaper changes.

    I don't use powder

     Diapers I started off with pampers swaddlers..i liked them for the first few weeks..then they started leaving marks on her bottom as if they were too tight but they weren't.. it's really wierd. Cause she's still in NB diapers. But for the past 2 weeks i've been using huggies little snugglers and i LOVE them.

  • Love Pampers swaddlers, Pampers sensitive wipes, and for diaper cream we've had good luck with the Boudreaux Butt Paste.
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  • We have never used a diaper creme.  We use aquaphor, which is just like vaseline, but not quite as thick.  Diaper rash cremes like desitin need to be applied when the area is completely dry or it will cause a really bad rash.  That is really hard to do with any baby, but especially with boys.  You need to try to get that new diaper on fast, no time to wait for the area to be completely dry.

    We prefer Pampers Swaddlers because of the fit.  But with DD we had to switch sizes between Pampers and Huggies, just depending on what had the best fit.  We would always buy the small packages to give them a try and then get the bigger boxes when we were certain what we wanted. 

    And ditto not getting too many newborn diapers.  DS is 1 month old and still in newborns, but some babies out grow them in a few weeks.

    As far as wipes I don't have a preference for moisture or feel, but I can't stand ones that are hard to seperate.  The costco brand is cheap but hard to get apart.  The pampers ones are folded in an overlapping way and they are hard to separate.  Often you only have one hand to grab a wipe.  So you need them to come apart easily.  I like the huggies brand because they are perferated (sp) and they come apart really easily.

  • Pampers Swaddlers or Seventh Generation

    Huggies Sensitive Wipes

    Bordeaux Butt Paste


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