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Recommend your pump!

perferably electric.



Re: Recommend your pump!

  • i am using the Medela freestyle and really like it.  Very easy to use and seems to work great.
  • I rent a Medela Lactina and it seems to work well.
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  • I have the Medela Pump in Style, and I love it

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  • I also have the medela freestyle and I love it! I just started using the "hands free" straps and they're fantastic.
  • I have the Medela PISA and love it.  If money were absolutely no object, I'd get the Freestyle though -- love the idea of hands-free.

  • I have the hygeia.  It is a newer pump.  So far I really like it.
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  • I recommend the Medela Freestyle.

    You can get it online at (around $275)

    I love how small and portable it is. The pump itself is about a pound vs. the 5+ that the others are.

    The bag it comes with doesn?t scream ?breast pump?, and the pump itself can fit into a purse if you want to.

    I LOVE the ?let down? button and the easy adjusting on the pump, no dials to adjust separately.

    It?s strong too! I used the Lactina hospital pump and I thought the Freestyle was better!

    It?s hands-free (not that big of a deal, you can use any pumping bra or this trick ) but being able to move around with the pump was a plus!

    It uses a rechargeable battery, and I only have to charge it once every 7-10 days.

    Like any Medela pump, you can pump into the $1 Gerber bottles and can use any size flanges.


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