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Anyone in here gain a lot, but still have an "average" sized baby?

Just sneaking in here for a minute....

Okay, so my grandmother gained a lot with 6/7 of her pregnancies.  My mom gained between 60-80 pounds with each of her pregnancies and we were all between 6-8 pound babies.  However, people keep looking at me (I have gained around 45 pounds) and stating that I am going to have a HUGE baby.  I am starting to get concerned that I am going to have a 12 pound newborn or something and now doubting if buying any newborn clothes is even a good idea.  Any new mommies have any words of wisdom or experience?

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Re: Anyone in here gain a lot, but still have an "average" sized baby?

  • I gained 55 lbs with my first and she was 8lbs 4 oz, and 25lbs with my second and he was 7lbs 2 oz hope that helps...a lot of it may be water
  • Dont get too worried, the doctors will continue to monitor this if they are concerned. And a LOT of weight can be water weight, some women just have a lot of fluid which can attribute to the scale jumping when the baby is just a normal size.
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  • I gained 55 lb and DS was 8 lb 4 oz.  I had a LOT of water...after it broke it just kept gushing.
  • Yeah, I can tell a good portion of it is water in my legs...lots of edema in my thighs and lower legs.  I am just frustrated by people reminding me of how big I am and warning me that my LO will be big.  Thanks though, I feel a little better. Smile
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  • I gained 65 with mine, probably about 30 in water weight.  At 2 weeks PP I've lost 38lbs and am still swollen so I'll likely lose more pretty easily.

    My baby was big though, 9lbs and was born at 38w2d.  Most of my weight wasn't because she was big though, it was because I gained a ridiculous amount of water weight.

  • I gained 60 pounds (although I was pretty underweight to begin with) and had a little 7.5 baby.  A lot of it was water, some of it was the ice cream.
  • I gained 53 pounds. Aubrey was 6 lbs 12 oz. I gave birth at 38 weeks.
  • I gained 49 pounds, my daughter was 7 lb 6 oz and is still in newborn size.
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  • I hated those comments. i gained 55 lbs, 8 oz baby.. no need for stress :)
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  • With DS1 I gained 50 pounds and had a 7lb. 11oz baby

     With DS2 I gained 35 an had a 9lb. 4oz. baby!!!

    Just goes to show that weight gain doesn't determine the size of your baby.  G/L!

  • I'm an average size person (165 - 5'8") and gained 30lbs with my pregnancy. They thought I would have a very small baby due to my Crohn's, so they keep giving me ultrasounds. Hannah was gaining a good amount of weight and towards the end they induced me 5 days before I was due, had a c-section because I stopped dialating, she came out weighing 9lbs 11oz. They keep checking her for diabeties (sp??) but she was just a BIG healthy baby.

    I think if your doctor was worried about you having a big baby they'd send you for another ultrasound. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Alot of people gain 30-50lbs and have normal size babies (7-9lbs)


  • I gained 70lbs with my first and LO was 7lbs1oz
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  • Wow, thanks for all the great responses!!  I feel much, much better now!  :)
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  • Gained 50 lbs with DD#1 and she was 7lbs 5 oz.

    Gained 24 lbs with DD#2 and she was 8lbs 8 oz.

    Gained 39 lbs with DD#3 and she was 8lbs 4 oz.

    The more I gain the smaller my babies tend to be, ha ha!

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  • I gained 49lbs and he was 6lbs 15oz.  Dr said "at least 8lbs" but he wasn't!
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  • I am quite small framed and was shocked to gain about 40 lbs with each of my pgs.  That was with eating pretty well & staying active.  Both of my babies were just over 6lbs.  It is really impossible to tell how big of a baby you are going to have just by the weight gained or how big the belly is.  I had a friend deliver an 11 lb baby (vaginally- yowza) and my belly was bigger than hers!!
  • I gained 50lbs and my LO was 7lbs13oz
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  • I have a friend who gained 60 pounds, had a "prophylactic" c-sec at ob's suggestion for what was expected to be a huge baby... baby was 7 pounds, 5oz...
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  • I gained 65lbs and DS was 8 lbs 2 oz.
  • I dont know if you know this but...  People honestly say the stupidest things to pregnant women. Do not take it to heart. Honestly! During my pregnancy daily someone would say I looked abnormally big and asked I was due that day then another person would say I looked very small ...Confused

    BTW I agained about 70lbs... (alot of water due to kidney malfunction) and my baby was 7lbs 9ounces at 2 weeks early. His size had nothing to do with the amount I gained. Good luck!!
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  • i gained 70 lbs with my first. i had an 8-8 baby girl

    i gained 30 lbs with my 2nd and had a 10-4 baby boy. 


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