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I broke an EBF rule...

and handed her off to DH to give her a bottle.  She has been nursing NONSTOP for three days now, and while I fully recognize that this is clearly a growth spurt and I need to keep nursing to spur the supply she needs....I am about to jump off a roof if I have to sit with her on me for one more minute.

AND I am not pumping while she gets this bottle.  I just want 15 minutes out of my day to NOT be about my breasts.  lol.

Re: I broke an EBF rule...

  • Holy crap...you need a break.  My boobs ache at the thought of that lol

  • I had to do the same thing at the 3 week mark.. I thought I was going to go crazy by day 2 of his growth spurt I just gave him to my bf and said feed him!  I need a break lol  If I didn't I think I would have just given up
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  • Don't feel bad! We all need a break from time to time!!!
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  • Gah...it is hard to enjoy this break when I hear her fussing so much in the other room.  I have to keep restraining myself from going in and rescuing DH.
  • Don't feel bad...it's the breast MILK that is most important.  As far as I am concerned EBF only means no formula supplementations.  I give the pacifier, occassional bottle, and breast... I don't feel bad at all.
  • I feel the same. Formula has entered our house has given me back some sanity.
  • My ds wouldnt go to sleep so I just let him sit on my boob (he wasnt even sucking, just sitting with the boob in his mouth) while he sllloooowwwwllly fell asleep. I feel your pain. You need a break after 3 days!!
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