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First name help!

DH and I can NOT agree on names.  We had agreed on a name for a girl, but now we don't like it anymore.  We have decided to use John for a middle name for a boy (after my dad), but can not agree on a first name.  DH hates initials (ie. Brady John could be called BJ, etc) and he really only likes "normal" names, nothing weird at all!  Any suggestions?? TIA


Re: First name help!

  • William, Anthony, Matthew, Zachary...


    Dx PCOS/anovulation 09/09

    TTC #1 - success on cycle #3 of clomid/ovidrel trigger/TI


    Little sister is here!

  • michael, david, paul, spencer, evan, kevin, christopher, eric, gabriel, thomas, adam...
  • Some of my favorites are:

    Henry, Nicholas, Zachary, Evan, Wesley, Simon, Gregory, Sean, Steven, Nathan, Trevor, Kevin, Noah, Samuel, Ethan, Isaac, George, Shane, Ian, Garrett

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