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Baby Blues ?

DS is 5 weeks now and I'm still feeling emotional.  I cry at the littlest things and have mood swings.  I worry about everything with him.  I feel if I'm not there to watch him something will happen.  Last night my BF was watching him when he got home so I could get a couple hours of sleep and I ended up crying because I felt guilty for not taking care of him.  Is this normal baby blues or should it have gone away by now?  I feel overwhelmed with all the emotions that I am experiencing. 

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  • It will make you feel better to talk to your OB and get some reassurance. Just so you know, I had incredibly overwhelming baby blues exactly like you described until exactly 6.5 weeks. i actually say a psych nurse and they evaluated me and said it was baby blues + sleep deprevation and it would help for me to get sleep. at 6.5 weeks I immediately felt better. My advice would be talk to your ob asap, get evaluated and hopefully it will get better very soon! Good luck!
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  • I'm interested in what others have to say about this too. I feel exactly the same way. You aren't alone.
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  • I feel exactly the same way.  I feel fine one minute and then feel like I don't want to do this or wasn't cut out for this or cannot handle one more sleepless night.  I talked to a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with PPD.

     I think all the feelings are normal but they are so hard to get through.  I sometimes even feel like I want to run away.  They say it gets better with time but right now I feel hopeless.



  • First of all, take a deep breath.  I had a terrible case of the baby blues when my LO was born and I felt anxious all day long.  Just try to relax and tell yourself that you are doing the best you can. 

    I would give you a few pieces of advice, the first being to def call your OB and let them know how you are feeling.  There is nothing wrong with asking for the help that you need - in fact, it is a sign of love for your LO and yourself. 

    Next - try these things that people told me (most of them worked)

    • Put away all of your parenting books (for now) and trust your instincts
    • Drink a nonalcoholic beer (if BF) or a real one (if formula).  One beer per evening will help you to relax.  The darker the better.  A great NA beer for relaxation is Kaliber - by the same people who make Guiness
    • Take a walk every day - get out and get some fresh air
    • Try to do 1 thing for YOU each day - I always chose a SHOWER!!
    • Journal about your emotions/feelings - sometimes getting them out was all that I needed in the moment


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