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If you gained weight in your face/chin....

Did this come off rather quickly pp?  I have gained at the high end of the recommended range (33 lbs or so), do not seem to be retaining a ton of water (rings still fit, feet/ankles are fine), but my face is super round and I have developed a lovely double chin.  Just curious if this will linger for awhile or if I can hope to lose it with the initial big loss..... thx!!

Re: If you gained weight in your face/chin....

  • I wasn't aware of my face being more round. However, after about 2 weeks post-partum my jawline and chin were so much smaller! Looking back in pictures, my face was quite round. I never really got that swollen either. My rings still fit and everything.

    So, I guess about 2-3 weeks post partum, I had my face back. :) 

  • I retained a lot of water so my face was much rounder than normal.  But about 2 weeks afterward I think it went down a lot. 
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  • My face definitely rounded out but it got much more defined after a few weeks PP.  I'm still more round-faced than before BFP but it's a lot better than right after delivery when I had retained a lot of water everywhere.
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