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8mo + work PT, do I need to pump?

Hello ladies,

I will be going back to work part-time when DS is 8 months old.  Currently, he is 6 mo old and he has 4 BFs in 24 hours, all during the day.  They are 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm.  (He STTN 12 hours)  He has 3 meals of solids, and eats quite a lot then.

When I go back to work, will I need to pump during the day?  I will be gone about 5 hours a day.  Is there a way to schedule it so I can still nurse him at home, and avoid pumping?

I've always had an oversupply, and hate pumping because it seems to increase it and I become engorged.

TIA for any hints, advice :-)

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Re: 8mo + work PT, do I need to pump?

  • I only work PT right now, and am away from him between 4-6 hours. I pump once in the middle of the time I am gone, so I don't get engorged! He eats between 1-3 times sometimes when I am gone, so we use some of our freezer stash. (I'm fine with that, If I need to I will start pumping one side in the morning)

    Since you have a schedule with feeding, try and pump at the same time he eats. Also if yuu get a lot of milk within the first 5-10 minutes, stop pumping. I've noticed LO doesn't eat for very long, but gets plenty of food.

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