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Major supply tank. . help!

I have no idea why but my supply tanked over the 4-day weekend. DS seems to be eating less frequently, but still every 4 hours so I can't imagine that would effect it that much. I usually pump at 10am and get 7oz. Today I pumped and got 1.5!!! What is going on! I am not sick, I drink lots of water and everything else seems to be normal. DS still wakes twice at night to eat. I used to have an oversupply. What would cause a sudden drop like this? I am worried, I don't have a huge freezer stash, only enough for about a week.

Re: Major supply tank. . help!

  • How old is DS?  Also, have you changed your diet... like are you eating enough?  When I don't eat enough mine tanks. 

    You could try power pumping... that's what I've been doing the last couple days.  You go ten min of pumping and ten min off for an hour each day for a few days, and it's supposed to increase the stimulation which increases the supply.  It's helped me a little, and I started doing it a few days ago.  

  • Oh sorry, I forgot to put my siggie back up. DS is four months old and I have always had an oversupply. I would like to try power pumping, but I work during the week so that makes it difficult. I'll try eating more, but man it was Thanksgiving so I was eating quite a bit!!!

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  • What about drinking enough?  I just went through a supply dip and I think it was a combination of being sick and not drinking enough water during the day.  Once I started drinking more water and nursing as often as possible it went back up.
  • What kind of pump do you have? I have the Medela PISA and my supply dropped (or so I thought about a month ago). I was not aware that you had to change the white membranes every 4-5 weeks as it affects the suction. I did that - and started eating oatmeal every day for breakfast. These two things have dramatically changed my supply. Good luck, I know how stressful that can be.
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  • Ditto to pp on the membranes.  That's about the only thing I can think of that would cause a massive supply drop like that.
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