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Pain several days after Amnio

I had an amnio on Monday.  I had a little bit of light cramping on monday. I felt fine tuesday and all day yesterday. 

Yesterday I cooked all day in prep for thanksgiving and then had to go to work.  I work as a Tech in L&D and was my feet a lot last night. So I'm pretty sure I over did it.   Around 10:30 I started having an achy pain about 2 inches from the needle insertion site of the amnio.  I sat in a recliner for 1 1/2 and then called the perinatologist.  She said that it was muscular pain and to take it easy.  The nurses I work with felt the uterus for me and confirmed no contractions.

No cramping, no bleeding, no fluid leaking, so that is good. I took tylenol and that seemed to make it a little better.  Just wondering if anyone else had this?


Re: Pain several days after Amnio

  • Hi,

    I haven't been on this board in awhile as my little guy is about to turn 1, but just happened to accidentally come here instead of the parenting after 35 borad....

    We had an amnio at 18 weeks after scary bloodwork results in the second tri, but all turned out OK. 

    I don't remember specifically how long it lasted, but I had some pain at the injection site for awhile, yeah, most likely muscular pain. Unfortunately the timing coincided with me starting to have excess, um, fluid, that didn't turn out to be amniotic fluid, they never quite figured out what it was, so I had a few stressful days thinking the amnio caused a leak.  But I was fine, just a worry-wart.

    I hope you are are feeling better by now! And hopefully you will get good results back, will you get quick FISH results, or just the 2 week tests?

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  • I'm in the Boulder area too, its a small world.  It is definitely muscular and a very small area.  I'm doing okay as long as I walk slow and with short strides.  It sounds like you describe.

    I did get the quick FISH results and they were totally normal.  They also confirmed that its a girl.

    Thanks for your response!

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  • Yay for your clean results and congrats on a girl!

    We had a funny glitch with the FISH -- they could confirm that there were no chromosomal problems, but I guess they had an abnormally large number of my cells along with those of DS, so they said they couldn't exactly confirm he was a boy!  I flipped out inside, thinking, what do they mean, hermaphrodite?  But that would have looked different, apparently.  At the 2 weeks they confirmed he was a boy.  

    I hope your pain goes away soon, I don't remember it lasting too long, maybe a week.  

    I live in Denver, work in Boulder (at CU), school in Denver, lived in Boulder the first 5 years I was here, got married in Boulder, and had DS at Boulder Foothills. Is that where you are delivering?

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  • Pain seems to be going away, amnio was a week ago today.

    DH is a post-doc at CU.  I work and will deliver at L&D at Boulder Community Foothills.


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