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MoM's to Be Monday Check In

Congrats to MawrtyrB on the birth of her Boys on 11/24! Her Story
Congrats to Abbzy85 on the birth of her boys on 11/22! Her Story
Congrats to KateFromUpstate on the birth of her boys on 11/18! Her Story
Congrats to nolachick11on the birth of her b/g twins on 11/17! Her Story
Congrats to kiki408 on the birth of her twins on 11/17! Her Story
Congrats to andigroves on the birth of her b/g twins on 11/10! Her Story Congrats to Ehpope on the birth of her b/g twins on 11/12. Her Story
Congrats to Trieulam on the birth of her b/g twins on 11/12! Her Story Congrats to Finallyreilly on the birth of her b/g twins on 11/6! Her Story
Congrats to atc282 on the birth of her girls on 11/3! Her Story
Congrats to j.h.mommy on the birth of her boys on 11/2! Her Story

Here's a list of all our mamas in order of due date: *Please let me know if I missed anyone or if you'd like to be added to the list*

12.2.09       Chloe6056           Boy/Girl!
12.8.09       piccoline09           Boy/Girl!
12.9.09       having2                Boy/Girl (c-sec on 11.23)
12.10.09     Soon2bMrs.NeilD  Boy/Girl!
12.11.09     LauraS1977
12.18.09     TiffLee76              Boy/Girl!      
12.19.09     futuremom2b
12.21.09     shellshavintwins   Girls!
12.24.09     Aussie*s_Mom    Boys!
12.25.09     marriedayooper  
12.30.09     Mari0221 
                  Shannonlea          Boy/Girl! 
1.6.10        kelliwill                 Girls!
1.10.10      blossom               Boys!
                  Andrea z
1.11.10      FullersGirl
1.14.10      sweetbri
1.15.10      bunney                 Girl/Girl/Boy!
                 trc~ttc#1              Boy/Boy/Girl!!! 
                 jacobandcrystal    Girls! 
                 Trisha Ambrose
1.16.10      charliejoy18 
1.18.10      lulugirl                   Boy/Girl
1.19.10      corirosen
1.21.10      xMarialovesWilliamx   Girls!
1.23.10      jls7284                  Boy/Girl (C-sec 1/18) 
1.26.10      schen0510             Boy/? !
1.27.10      jalaiaa                   Boys!
1.28.10      LightBlue               Girls! 
                 KimRN                  Girls
                 leeannap                Girls
                 Kerry2005              Boy/Girl!
1.29.10      diasybride78 
                 Jenn2929               Boy/Girl!
1.30.10      mlgd                      Boy/Girl!
2.1.10        ErinCB                  Boy/Girl!
2.5.10        sunnybrook.
2.6.10        Ms.Scarlet            Boys!
2.7.10        lckychrms             Boys!
2.9.10        m_n_mwedding     Boys!
2.11.10      DESFX                 Boy/Girl!
2.12.10      JanuaryBride2007
2.14.10      Young1009004      Boy/Girl! 
                 RVAYogini            Boy/Girl!
                 ahavea2005           Girls!
2.18.10      MamaMaria21810
2.20.10      aspen07                Girls!
2.21.10      Chari44                 Boy/Girl!
                 melp723               Boy/Girl
2.23.10      Wyldeflower          Girls!
2.24.10      eileenm21 
2.26.10      cholzer
2.27.10      lckychrms             Boys!
2.28.10      TalulaSue              Girls! 
                 kimarino13            Girls!
3.2.10        Inky75                  Boy/Girl! 
                 Shannonandmatt   Boy/Girl!
3.3.10        AlexPuppy            Girls!
3.5.10        CrazeyJaneyR       Boys!
3.7.10        iona76                  Girls!
3.10.10      dulcinea03             Girls!
3.11.10      themathgirl             Boys!
                 Susanc07               Boy/Girl!
3.12.10      TDM                      Girls!
3.14.10      mrscarrol                Girls!
3.15.10      meshell782             Boys!
3.21.10      ali329                     Girls!
3.23.10      mdearrington          Boys!
3.24.10      luvie13
3.27.10      thiswillbe               Boy/Girl
4.04.10      sam681
4.7.10        nerwak
4.08.10      sejabernathy          Boy/Girl!
4.13.10      outofcntrl82            Boys!
4.14.10      Ms. Priss               Boy/Girl?
4.18.10      MrsDonnelly2007
4.19.10      nygrl79                   Boys
4.20.10      Pipigirl                    Girls 
                 CER+MEL              Boy/Girl
4.21.10      jenkm
4.25.10      jenchi33
4.27.10      SPerry0376            Boy/Girl!
                 Robinsokj              Boys
4.28.10      Inle                         Girl/Boy/Girl!
                 MrsErv412               Girls!
4.29.10      FemmeFataleNat01
4.30.10      Mrs LLH                  Boy/Girl!
5.02.10      kstjean                    Surprise!
5.6.10        MNdesigner             Boys!
5.09.10      Nikki1007                Boy/Girl!
5.12.10      sawyer918
5.14.10      hellomynameisfabulous
5.19.10      thomas&lynn
5.25.10      trlvr
5.26.10      SoldiersGreenBean
                 timmy's wife
5.27.10      efhoping2010
5.30.10      JillRock96
5.31.10      jeannaqueena
6.6.10        Hibiscus2007    Triplets!
6.08.10      Flower2005
6.16.10      Meagamomma2be
6.26.10      AlishaMay


 Anything new that you'd like to share? New appt? Did you find out the sexes? You may have to Highlight and scroll down to view question, as it is often cut off due to the size of the list.


                                 *Today's Question*
Will you be sending out birth announcements when the babies arrive?

Re: MoM's to Be Monday Check In

  • Nothing new appts this week. 

    Just two, very active little girls in my belly.

    QOTD:  Hmmm...I don't know for sure.  I probably will, but that's going on the assumption that I will pre-address all the envelopes and only have to worry about sticking a photo in and mailing them.


  • Can I join?  I'm having twins due July 19, 2010.  We aren't finding out the genders.


    I'm a photographer, so I will for sure be sending out announcements!  I can't wait for that part. :)

  • update: think I've been having some BH contractions, not totally sure, but have a call in to the nurse for guidance. trying to drink lots of water and not stress about it.

    QOTD: yes! I figure I can print address labels while I'm on bedrest, so all we'll need to do is order announcements and slap the labels on them when the time comes. :)

    "I'm working on a dream" ~Bruce Springsteen
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  • I was at the docs this morning.. had the 1 hour glucose test done and then an exam.. I am feeling a little crampy because my doc ended up doing a pap.. I got to hear the heartbeats today.. Baby A was at 154 and Baby B was at 146.. I go back again in 2 weeks for more blood work and another check in with the doc

    QOTD: Yup! we plan on sending out announcements.. the photographer that I am using for my maternity photoshoot will come back to our house and do pics of the babies and included in our package is the birth announcement picture! Good ideas to address the envelopes ahead of time!

    Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

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  • I have 2 u/s this week. One with OB and one with MFM so I am pretty excited about seeing them and also confirming the genders.


    I plan to send out birth announcements. We will see if it actually happens...


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    Logan Henry - March 15, 2010 - March 22, 2010. We will always love you sweet baby boy.
  • Update: Two boys!  I have two appt's tomorrow, OB and Peri for the 20 week scan, I'll get confirmation on the genders but the tech last night was very sure they are boys.

     QOTD: Yes, well, I plan to at least, my tune might change when they're here and the madness begins :-)

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  • I had another FFN test last week and it came back negative again, a relief for sure.  No appointments this week but and u/s and office visit next week.

     This weekend I picked out the photo card birth announcements for when the girls arrive.  We have had so much support through this pregnancy from family and friends, I can't wait to be able to send them a little keepsake.


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  • I have my 1 hour GD test tomorrow and appt with peri and OB.  I had my shower this past weekend in my home town and it was so much fun!  I have one in Dallas this weekend, then starting next week we are planning to get as much done on the nursery as we can. 


    I'm definitely planning on sending birth announcements.   

  • Can you change the genders to Boy/Boy for me? Thanks!!

    It seems really strange to be getting closer to the top of the list. Its all happening very fast ;)

    I plan on sending announcements, but dont know how realistic that is. I never got around to sending them when I had DD, so with 2 babies and a preschooler I probably wont get it accomplished. I do have a blog that I will update with lots of pics, so everyone can see the babies asap.


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  • Updates: 30 week appointment scheduled for Friday afternoon - growth U/S so I'll get to see how big these boys are getting.  :)

    QOTD: I'm not planning on it - at least not the ones from the hospital or anything, I'm pretty good on the computer so I'll probably just whip something up myself....the MIL will probably buy the ones from the hospital, but that's something for a whole 'nother!

  • Update: Nothing much going on here! People who didn't otherwise know that I was pregnant are starting to notice. I am for sure looking more pregnant these days! Appointment next week, with my new doctor, am switching as I have been seeing a Midwife up to this point and she is transferred my care at 20 wks.

     QOTD: I am planning on announcements and have some cute ideas but when the madness begins I hope they don't get lost in the shuffle!

  • Find out the sexes Dec 14th hopefully!!!!

    I will for sure be sending out announcements, my best friends a photographer and will be doing their newborn pics...

  • Update: Nothing new yet. I think I was having BH yesterday, but I drank water and layed down and they went away. I have a dr appt later this week.

    QOTD: Ideally, I would like to get birth announcements out, but with having twins and a toddler, I dont know if that will happen. I would love a picture of all three of them to send out.

  • Nothing new here, except that Baby A's head has started to crush my ribs and he won't move! 

     Yup, will definitely send out announcements.  


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  • I'd love to be added to the list, I'm due with twins on 7.15.10.  Thanks!
  • Update:  I just got back from the Dr. this morning and both babies are still doing great! They continue to measure slightly larger than their gestational age. Total weight of babies estimated to be 4lbs 10oz (give or take). No bed-rest required yet but will re-assess in 2 more weeks.  Oh, and I took the 1 hr glucose test this morning.  Should get results later this week.

    QOTD: Yes!  Announcements are a priority for me.  My mom will be here for the first 3 weeks, so I hope she's able to help me get them out the door.  I've already started a list of who I'll be sending them to.

  • Update:  Had my first braxton hicks contraction on thanksgiving probably cause I'm always on the go. Girls are great, although I have little to no appetite lately and am always thirsty. I drank so much water yesterday I actually vomited ugh....Anyway scheduling my csection at my december 11th appointment so excited ahhh.


    QOTD: Yes we plan to send out announcements, I'm leaving it all up to my hubby lol.....

  • No update

     QOTD:  Not sure about announcements.  Maybe we will make a quick one online for family and close friends or just send a link to a protected photo site. 

    H: 34 dx Azoospermia due to CBAVD from CF  
    ME: 39 IS FINE!!!  DOR and poor AMH/FSH/LH
    IVF/ICSI/PESA #1 Beta 1 373 Beta 2 1783 BOY/GIRL TWINS!! Born April 2010!!
    Natural FET 5/26/12 2 blasts Beta 1 207 Beta 2 513 Beta 3 1377 U/S 6/28 Pregnancy not viable d & c scheduled :( 
    IVF/ICSI/PESA #2 ER 11/15/12 Nothing to transfer :( 
    IVF/ICSI #3 April 2013 MDLF 3dt of 3 embryos, chemical :(  
    IVF #4/ICSI/MESA/CCS/FET EPP April 2015
    ODWU CCRM with Dr. Sch COMPLETE!!!! Put on acai supplement they are studying for DOR and embryo quality.
    DAY 3 Labs Drawn 2/26 put on vitamin D and calcium supplements
    Regroup and Protocol Reveal 3/04 "Bazooka Protocol" EPP with MDLF "Protocol 6 with patches"
    ER/MESA 4/10 ER 9 eggs retrieved MESA success found live swimmers :)
    Fertilization Report 6 eggs mature and ICSI'd 4 eggs fertilized normally
    Day 6 Report to Blast for CCS 4/16: 2 DAY 5 BLASTS BIOPSIED FOR CCS a 4AB and a 3AB!!!!
    CCS Results BOTH BLASTS CCS NORMAL!!!!!!  call on 4/24
    Regroup call to discuss CCS results and FET call on 5/20
    FET prep: CD 1 6/08 CD 3 Start BCP 6/10, HSG 6/12 Lupron Start 10 iu 6/17 End BCP 6/21 CD 1 6/23!!!
    Start vivelle patches 6/25 change e/o/d reduce Lupron to 5iu 6/25 Blood Draw 7/01, 7/08, 7/15, 7/19
    Increase vivelle patches 7/03 2 change e/o/d and 7/05 change e/o/d 3 and 7/07 4 change e/o/d add vaginal estrace 2x a day
    Lining Check/Blood Draw 7/08 and 7/15 End Lupron 7/18  Start PIO 1ml daily 7/18  Blood  Draw 7/19
    Flight to clinic 7/22
    FET 2 CCS BLASTS :) :)  7/23 :) :) YES YES both thawed and both fully expanded :) :)
    7/26 :) :) 3dp5dt PM very very faint positive FRER
    7/27: 4dp5dt Neg Digi AM but very very faint positive FRER PM POSITIVE DIGI CLEARBLUE PREGNANT 1-2 :) :) 
    7/31:8dp5dt AM POSITIVE DIGI CLEARBLUE PREGNANT 2-3!!!! :) :) 
    Beta 1 8/01= 408!!!!!!!!!! at 9dp5dt FET
    Beta 2 8/03 = 1014!!!!!!!!!! at 11dp5dt FET
    8/05/2015 AM POSITIVE DIGI CLEARBLUE PREGNANT 3+!!!! :) :) 
    First Ultrasound: 8/20!!!!!! TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Genetics says BOTH BOYS!!!!!!!!!
    Second Ultrasound: 9/03!!!!!!!!!!


  • Update: was sent to L&D from Non stress test for high blood pressure. Spent 2 1/2 hours there mainly because baby b kept running away from the nurses and curled up in a ball. They had to use an ultrasound to find her!

    We are sending out a combination Christmas/ Birth announcement after the girls arrive (hopefully at the end of this week!)

  • On Friday I experienced RLP, which was not fun.  Other than that, DH and I will find out the sexes on Christmas Day as a present to ourselves. 

    I think we will send birth annoucements.  I plan on making labels for Christmas cards this year, and can use most of the people on that list for the annoucements. 

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