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medela PIS ?

My friend gave me her medela pump in style that she only used twice. I was told that I just need to get replacement parts and I can use it safely. My question is, what parts do I need exactly? I went to target and I was so confused! I really have no idea how this pump even works. Any advice is appreciated!

Re: medela PIS ?

  • I also have borrowed a pump, I know your not suppose to but oh well it works.  You need the breastshields and tubing, I don't know if they sell them as a kit or what, they may come with bottles also, or any bottle will work.  I would also buy some storage bags they don't have to be medela.  The pump is real easy, good luck,  I really like mine.
  • You will need everything from the tubing out.  Go to the medela website it will forward you to were you can buy parts. and they sell a kit for the lactina pump its the same thing.  This is what I did for my first pump.
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