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What do I need?

I didn't get to take the BFing class at the hospital due to scheduling conflicts.  I have checked out a few books on the topic but I'm still at a loss. 

Here's my situation, I expect to try out BFing working with one of the Lactation consultants at the hospital when I deliver.  I will be returning to work within 8 weeks.  My workplace has a nursing room available with hospital grade pump but it states that I will need a lactation kit (available from Medela).  I've looked on their website but I'm still not really clear on what exactly a lactation kit is or how to purchase what I need?

While on the topic, is there anything else I should go ahead and buy ahead of time to take to hospital?  So far all I go was some lanolin lotion and a nursing tank.

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Re: What do I need?

  • They want you to bring your own shields, tubes, and membranes to use with the pump.   You should be able to get them from the LC at your hospital.  If they have the Symphony, this is what you would need:


    All I used at the hospital was the pump.  I didn't bother with nursing bras/tanks or anything else at that point.   

  • Im not sure on what your work might want you to have... but at the hospital, all I used was the lanolin and a nursing tank. I loved the tank rather than the hospital nursing gown because when visitors showed up, I didn't feel like I was exposing my body to MORE people... although it didn't really matter. The hospital gave me a box of nursing pads, but my milk didn't come in until the day after I left the hospital (3 days after birth) so I didn't really worry about those.
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