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"No Water" Ques. and F/U

So the "no water" rule went over like a lead balloon. Daycare lady was fine with it - but babe didn't like the formula I brought to use if they ran out of BM so apparently she was "very cranky" towards the end of the day (although she was totally fine when she came home and just nursed a little bit just now......).

Anyway - what can I do? I guess I don't quite see what the problem is but I'm not there to see what is and isn't happening. Then DH picks her up and he's all pissy about it now like I effing deprived her or something. DH is pushing to just ok the water. Fwiw, shes only given it after shes finished all her BM (usually 18+ ounces) and its towards the end of the day when she can nurse for real from me soon.

I feel really crappy because we have no supply issues when I'm home with her. We just spent Wednesday-Sunday together and she was never overly hunger or seemed to nurse a lot. I've felt like I'm not pumping enough during the day but I'm already pumping 4 times during work - I dunno how I could pump any more!

I just don't want to mess up my baby's system. Is it truly harmful to give a few ounces of water a day if "needed" or is it more like a "just don't give a lot"??

Re: "No Water" Ques. and F/U

  • You are not supposed to give a baby water because it can mess up their electrolytes. Even when a baby is sick and dehydrated, and you can't give them BM you feed them pedialyte for this reason. I'm an NICU nurse and we have seen babies get really sick from this.


    edit: I just read your original post, and I just wanted to add that it used to be common practice for mom's to feed their babies water in between BF times to keep them satiated which is probably why your daycare thought it was okay. 

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  • what does "mess up their electrolytes" mean? Dehydration? How do I tell if my baby is dehydrated? I can't see her soft spot through her hair. 

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    what does "mess up their electrolytes" mean? Dehydration? How do I tell if my baby is dehydrated? I can't see her soft spot through her hair. 

    You can tell if they are dehydrated if their soft spot is sunken in, it is normal for it to be slightly depressed when in an upright position but it will be noticeably sunken in. When I say mess up their electrolytes it means that it can cause their sodium levels to decrease because they will be diluted from excess water, as well as change the levels of their potassium and calcium. All which have some side effects that can be moderate to severe depending on how much they are diluted. I wouldn't worry about these side effects from one feeding but it can cause problems when it is large amounts over a period of time 

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  • Here is more information on the water thing:


    The concern is malnutrition. They are filling up on water instead of breastmilk which contents calories and nutrition.

  • Your DCP should respect your decision and not make you feel guilty!  She clearly has the old school frame of mind.  My MIL wondered why I wasn't giving LO apple juice and 2 months!  Honesly, I would start looking for a new DCP.


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  • shes respecting the issue - i guess i just don't get her need to give water in the first place. thanks for you guys advice!
  • If I had a DCP who even suggested giving a 3 month old water, I'd start looking for a new day care.

    The only thing I can think is to try to pump more, if she's still hungry.  I'd check out some of the breastfeeding and working sites -- I think there's a method where you only give your baby what you pumped the day before and force your body to adjust to what the baby needs.  I'm not sure how that works, though.

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  • Water is bad for young babies because a) they don't need it since they get all their hydration from BM or formula, b) they fill up on water and miss out on the needed calories from eating and c) it dilutes their levels of sodium which can lead to convulsions, coma, brain damage and possible death, also known as water intoxication (kidney's can't get rid of the water fast enough)
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