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PCOS and hypoglycemia

Hi Ladies,

I usually post at GP but I have a question. I was diagnosed this month with PCOS (no b/w or any tests) so I am not truly convinced.

The only symptoms that would support PCOS- long and short cycles (I do ovulate- I chart), mildly overweight and I have hypoglycemia (fasting bs is 99).

So, I didn't realize until reading up on PCOS that hypoglycemia can be a symptom of PCOS. I have had it since I was 16 and wish I knew that it could affect our chances of getting KU.

My question, to those that have hypoglycemia and PCOS do you take metformin? (My dr. didn't offer that but she did offer Clomid which I declined until I try to lose some weight.)

Thank you for your help!


 6/09 right tube loss (fallopian torsion) 12/09 BFP #1 (DD born 9/10)
8/12 dx Lupus (ANA+/APA-), 12/12 BFP #2  natural m/c 6w 2d 
TTC#2  since 9/12  50mg Clomid/Ovidrel IUI #1 Beta 10/4=BFN
                             50mg Clomid/Ovidrel IUI #2 Beta 11/1= BFN
                                  100 mg Clomid/Ovidrel IUI #3 Beta 12/26=BFFN
100 mg Clomid/Ovidrel IUI #4 Beta 2/14= BFFN
Took a LONG Break
Lots of Luck and Love BFPB for life KOFMKG

Re: PCOS and hypoglycemia

  • Hey,

     My doctor originally offered me metformin when I was diagnosed. My symptoms were absent periods and cysts on the U/S. I chose to change my diet and lose weight instead. You become hypoglycemic with PCOS because your pancreas over compensates with insulin production when you eat carbohydrates. So the surge of insulin drops your blood sugar.

     Hope this helps,

    Kara May

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