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What is the difference between these two pumps?

Medela Pump In Style and Pump In Style Advanced?

If you have either, do you like them?

Re: What is the difference between these two pumps?

  • I'm not sure what the difference between the two is but I have the PISA and I love it.
  • Not sure of the difference... I don't remember seeing the regular Pump in Style at the store.  I have the Pump in Style Advanced and love it.  My only complaint is that it isn't as quiet as I thought it would be from what I read.  It's okay though.  I think the Metro bag model has a removable pump, which would be great, but I didn't get that one.  There is a 20% off coupon for BRU for Medela pumps this week... if you're considering buying soon here is the link... http://trus.imageg.net/graphics/media/trus/112809-bru-weeklong-cpns.pdf I'm all for saving $$.
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  • I have and like the pis


  • I have the PISA and love it.  Advanced has the 2 phase pumping thing (short and quick to let down then longer deeper sucks, more like a baby sucks), I don't think the PIA does.  
  • I have the PIS & its okay.  I know a lot of people really love the Medela's but I never seem to get a lot of milk when I pump, so I don't know if its the pump or my body.  I know I make more than the 1 oz I end up pumping!
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