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Question for you Charlotte Mama's

Hi-My name is Hillary and DH and I are moving to Charlotte!  We currently live in Redondo Beach, CA (just south of Los Angeles) and are very excited to get out of LA and start our new life in NC.  So my question is...Where are the best neighborhoods to  buy a home in?  We are really hoping to find a neighborhood where there are other young professionals who have children...Safety, great schools, cuteness factor is important!  We have heard that Ballentyne(sp?) is a great area, any other sugestions?  Thanks!!!

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  • Where are your jobs going to be? That would be something to take into considration.
  • Like toads said, it depends on where you'll be working.

    Ballantyne is nice, though!

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  • Good point...DH is interviewing now, so hopefully we will know soon.  Im in pharmacuetical sales-and am transfering so I can live anywhere bc I will cover all of Charlotte.  We are both so used to commuting (we both sit in traffic for an hour each way here) that we decided that we want to find the best neighborhood and if that means having to commute-then so be it.
  • I live in So. Charlotte (north of the Ballantyne area and just on the edge of South Park).  I really  like it here.  We're very close to uptown, but also in a great school district.  There are areas north of the city - University area, Huntersville (which is north of Charlotte) that are also great.

  • Ballentyne, south park, myers park, elizabeth, lake norman, cornelius, tega cay (if you are willing to live in SC), providence plantation. Some of these are the most expensive places to live. So without knowing budget its hard to just say. Good luck with the interview.
  • Thanks ladies for the suggestions.  We are coming out to visit/interview/look at homes/neighborhoods in early Feb.  We still need to sell our house out here too so who knows how soon we will make the move.  We dont have a set budget but dont want to spend more that $350-400,000 on our house.  We are so house-poor out here that we certainly dont want to feel this way when we move-so if we can find a wonderful home in a great area for less then that would be great!!  Im in shock at how much home you get for your money in Charlotte and so any home is going to feel HUGE compared to what we have now :)  Thanks for responding-hopefully I will be joining this group soon!
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