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F/U 15 mo old on nursing strike

I posted last week b/c my 15 month old all of a sudden started screaming at the breast and refusing to nurse. Later that day, he tested positive for strep. Four days later, still not feeling well, pedi said he had a double ear infection.

He was on strike from our night nursing session for 3 days and for our morning session for 4.  But, alas, all IS back to normal!! We are back on our regular schedule again.

Not sure if it was just being sick and congested, or my monthly visitor contributed - either way, I'm glad I kept offering!

Re: F/U 15 mo old on nursing strike

  • That's great that it resolved itself and he is back at it.  Poor guy!  Hopefully his being bfed helped contribute to speedy recovery from his ailments.  Now you still have it in your toolkit.  Let me tell you, it is so awesome to still have bfing when your toddler gets a stomach bug or whatever and nursing is the only way they'll eat.

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  • I'm glad the strike ended!!
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