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food ?

So now that Allie is not interested in baby food anymore... do I need to make sure she is getting enough of my food?  Usually she will just have a couple bites of mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese, etc off my fork and some on her tray.  Is that okay?  Or do I need to be putting the food on her tray and let her do it all herself?  And do I need to give her certain amounts?
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Re: food ?

  • If she wont eat any baby food I would give her as much table food as she wants.

    If she is good at feeding herself its prob time to move to table foods anyway. The one thing AT loves right now are the gerber pasta pickups. They have diff kinds etc. I also give him some of the gerber meals bc of conv if he cant have what we are eating. He is still pretty picky etc.

    At that age he also liked sweet pot fries, cereal bars, graham crackers etc. I would just exp and see what she will and wont eat. But I would def stick with trying as much as possible. She will let you know when she is full. GL!

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  • Up until 1 year her milk is supposed to be her main source of nutrition, so try not to get too stressed about making sure she has enough table food or well balanced meals.  Right now is just about getting her used to foods, tastes, textures, etc.  So what you're doing is fine.  I would give her anything she wants, and definitely let her feed herself if she wants to.  But feeding her from your fork is fine too.  It's all kind of "whatever" at this point. 

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  • Will has really (past 2 weeks) just gotten into eating more table food - I still feed him though for the most part.  I do let him feed himself things like cheese and bread - last night he had a grilled cheese - I gave him small pieces and he fed himself.  I just keep giving him food until he refuses it.  But like pp said his formula is still his main sources of nutrition - still drinking about 26/27 oz. a day, so I am still not too concerned with how much food he does or doesn't eat.

    I picked up some Gerber Graduates Veggie Sticks (I think that is what they are called) today, they have the texture of cheese puffs and he really liked those!

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