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Introducing bottle ??

Just wondering how/when everyone introduced the first bottle of breastmilk. I just started pumping 5 days ago & only pump once a day. Im just not sure when/how to introduce a bottle. I dont have a strong need to give a bottle, but itd be nice to get out every once in a while for more than 30 minutes. I just dont want to wait too long where she has a problem with it. Is it best to let dh give it to her? Should I leave the house?

Tell me your experience.

Re: Introducing bottle ??

  • im pretty sure its after a month...
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  • We did it right after DS was a month old. DH gave it to him so that he wouldn't get confused about why I wasn't giving him the breast. We only did one a week or so but enough to keep him in the habit since I go back to work tomorrow.

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  • DH gave her a bottle after 3 wks.  She took it fine for about 3 wks, and now she refuses it violently.  I will start my next child on one bottle a day from the very beginning and hope for better results.  
  • DH gave her her first bottle around 10 days old. I know you're supposed to wait at least until 3 weeks but I just needed a break. Also, we figured out if we give her a bottle once at night (9ish) she sleeps much better than if we don't. I guess because my supply is so much lower at night.

     I thought this was a fantastic article about how to give baby their first bottle.


  • For sanity sake we did it at 3 1/2 weeks.  But, that next week we went to the dr. and she was put on special formula so she had to take a bottle from me (they say that the mother shouldn't give the bottle) but I tried breast feeding her a few times in between and she still took to it fine.  My baby doesn't care who gives it to her or boob/bottle or warm/cold. 
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