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Newbie intro

Hi Ladies,


I used to be on the NorCal Nest and recently moved to VA (back in Aug) with my husband due to a job transfer.

Well I know its really early but I dont have a big support group here so I thought I would start posting on the bump to get PG advice and encouragement. I just found out yesterday that we are expecting. I am only 2-3 week so I know a lot can happen but I wanted to say hi anyway.

 My name is Joanie and I was married 08.2.08 and this is our 1st BFP after trying since Dec 2009 so we are so excited. Feel free to ask me anything else. As I am still in shock and very scared as to what can happen before we are in the clear. 

Re: Newbie intro

  • Hi Joanie & Welcome to the East Coast!

     I lived in the Bay area for a short while and loved it! My hubby and I talk about moving to CA, which would be a first for him but a return home of sorts for me. We've been married two years. I too was, and still am sometimes, nervous. I'm 38 and this is my first so I know my odds are higher at something happening, but so far everything is going great, including no morning sickness!!! Just keep breathing and know that everything will be okay. 

    Congratulations!!! -Raina

  • Hi! I wish this board was more active. I just popped on here to see if anyone was using it. Welcome to the site! I'll keep checking back to see if we can get it going!


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  • welcome to VA...where abouts are you located?
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