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Scabs on Nipples?

My LO was born on this past wed. (11/25) and my milk has not totally come in, but is starting too. My nipples are scabbing over on part of the tip. I guess from them bleeding a little bit when I nurse, being that LO isn't getting alot out of them.

Anyone else doing this?

 Also, if I put any cream on it, they stick to the nursing pads or either my bra/tank top. So they are so sore, but I can't seem to find anything to help them. Any suggestions?



Re: Scabs on Nipples?

  • When I went to the pediatrician for the first visit and spoke to the lactation consultant about the cracks/scabs they gave me a prescription cream to use and it healed me up really fast, before that it was agony.
  • I found these things called Hydrogel Pads by Medela. They were awesome. They keep your nipples soft and are very soothing. Only thing is there kind of expensive but IMO totally worth every penny!
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  • Try using the all cotton reusable nursing pads. Mine stuck horribly to the disposable pads. I still have cracks/scabs on my right nipple. My midwife told me to use a little neosporin on them as well as the lanolin to try to help it heal faster. I put it on right after I nurse her and by the time its ready to nurse her again, most of it has been absorbed.
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