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Have you seen Platinum Babies?

OMG. It is like platinum weddings, but for babies. It is so ridiculous, I kept yelling at the tv. I understand being excited you are having a baby, but silk sheets for the crib, designer & organic clothes for the baby, and $14,000 cribs are a little over the top. One mom spent $25,000 just on the nursery itself, nothing else for the baby. She had all these silk pillow and sheets and bumper made, and I hope she realized all that would have to come out of the crib. I guess if I had the money and was a first time mom I may feel the need for all that (I did some damage shopping on my measly budget) but after the baby comes you realize quickly all of that stuff will get ruined and it is not important at all.



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Re: Have you seen Platinum Babies?

  • LOL! My husband switches the channel as quickly AS POSSIBLE when he sees that show- first of all it's annoying how they throw away money on stuff they will not need but you gotta admit- that the more you watch it- the more you see cute things you wish you could afford, hence my husband switches the channel so I won't get any ideas and spend all of our money... (not that I would)

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