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temper tantrums

So we are sitting here watching Seasame Street and elmo isn't in the episode very much (thats jack's favorite character) and he isnt' as interested if elmo isnt on. So he's standing him screaming and crying for the remote thinking he will be able to find elmo!! And i wont like him have the remote so he continues to cry and scream and reach for it. Then Elmo's World comes on and he stops!! its not even like he watches elmo all the time but he's so upste when he cant' make elmo come on the tv!!
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Re: temper tantrums

  • This made me giggle a little!  It's funny he thinks the remote can just make Elmo appear!  But hey, my kid had a tantrum over a coat hanger on Saturday!  I had him playing on the bed while I was folding laundry, he reached over and grabbed a hanger and put it in his mouth.  I took it away and said no, out came the water works!  All because I thought it was a bad idea to let him knaw on a coat hanger!  I'm still not sure how the little monkey reached the hangers where they were! 
  • that is too funny.  stop depriving your child of ELMO, he loves him.  LOL
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  • That is so funny, just give the boy Elmo!  The remote is magic, you can surely find a way to make Elmo appear :)
    My sweet boy :)
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