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BFing and AF or PG

For those of you who have either had a pp AF or or are pg....

Did any of your LO's act differently (mostly in regards to BFing) just before AF or when you got pg? 

I THINK it's just a little stomach bug...but I haven't been feeling well...and LO has changed his eating habits.  I used to BF a couple times a day and pump/supplement the rest.  But the last couple weeks he's been FIGHTING me when bfing (just really squirmy..won't stay on the breast, etc.)  2 weeks ago he absolutely REFUSED to bf...and I know there was enough there - I ended up having to give him a bottle.  Even when taking the bottle he seems to not eat as well as before.

P.S. I have not had a pp af and we did have unprotected sex 2-3 times... I know the only way to KNOW is to test...just wondering if anyone else had an experience to share...

Re: BFing and AF or PG

  • DS got frustrated in the beginning that there wasn't as much milk as he wanted.  So I added an extra session or two in.  Which upped my supply again.  Otherwise throughout my pregnancy he signs that he wants to nurse and we're good.  And he nurses for nap/bed as well.
  • IF you are pregnant, your milk wouldn't change yet. It typically doesn't change until 3 months at the earliest.

    Could he have a food problem? I mean with what you're taking in? 



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