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Too early to test???

Okay, I had my HCG shot 11/10 the ER was 11/12 and the ET was 11/17. I go in Monday for my test and bloodwork. My husband would like to find out at home rather then over then phone. He can't come with me because he has to drop off DS at daycare and my appointment at 7:30. Do you think it's to early to test today or should I wait till tomorrow night?

Thank you!!!

Re: Too early to test???

  • I had my IUI on the 18th, and am 10dpiui so you would be about 11dpt so i think tomorrow morning with fmu would be an ok time to try. Keep in mind if you do get a negative it could still just be too early. 
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  • I agree, tomorrow is worth a shot!
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