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hypoglycemia & metformin questions

Here's my situation - I didn't get my period after going off the pill for a LONG time.  Went to an RE who did blood work, put me on medication to induce it (twice, neither of which which worked), and then recommended that I go back on the pill. There was never a distinct diagnosis, not PCOS or anything else he could tell from the bloodwork. I really didn't want to do that so I tried acupuncture, and my period actually came back.  BUT it's been really irregular - ranging from 30-60 days, never the same amount two cycles in a row.  Needless to say this makes TTC challenging.  After about 9 months of this I went back to the RE.  He suggested that clomid/metformin would be the next step if I wanted to get more aggressive, but that first I should do the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) and DH should get his sperm tested.  All this sounds about right. He said that sometimes metformin alone might help regulate ovulation (even though I don't have PCOS). 

So I did the OGTT and he called to tell me that it showed I have hypoglycemia.  My levels dropped to 56 at 2 hrs and the normal range is 70-140. I definitely felt really woosy during the test so I'm not surprised that something showed up.

Now I'm left trying to figure out what this all means?  The RE was solely focused on the fact that I should go on metformin but didn't really tell me more.  Should I see a regular endocrinologist?  I'm nervous about starting the metformin right away in case it would be better for another practitioner to see me not on medication?  How do I know how strict a diet I need to follow? 

Not fun to worry about this on Thanksgiving when I just want to enjoy the dishes, but feel like all the sweets are going to do me in.  If this is a precursor to diabetes, I really don't want to mess around.  Also curious if the metformin will really help this condition because that isn't what I can seem to find on the internet about it.

 Anyone NOT diagnosed with PCOS take metformin?

Re: hypoglycemia & metformin questions

  • I'm also hypoglycemic (but have PCOS) and was on metformin. To answer part of your question - although I was worried about metformin being a diabetic medication and screwing up my blood sugar, my doctor had no problems with me taking it. It never worked with me to induce periods either. After 4-5 months, I went off metformin, because it made me gain weight. I have no idea if that's typical for ppl who have low blood sugar as opposed to those with higher or normal blood sugar.

    Good luck with your search!

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  • Hi - I don't know anything abut metformin but I know about hypoglycemia. It sounds like you have reactive hypoglycemia, i.e. your body produces too much insulin in response to sugar. This can be controlled by diet. A nutritionist can provide full guidelines and information, but basically eating many small meals a day (sounds like for you eating something every two hours) rather than a few large meals. A high protein, lowish carbohydrate (because they are immediately converted into sugar), low sugar diet. it's not that you can't eat sweets, but they should be in small quantities and balanced with protein. Milk and lean protein are your best friend : ) Obviously talk to your doctor or nutritionist about your specific situation but just wanted to give you a little info to start with. Good Luck!

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  • Thanks much! That is helpful.  I guess I need to see a regular doctor and/or nutritionist in addition to the RE. 

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