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XP: My heart is broken

My SIL (whom MIL has often commented she doesn't even think wanted to get pregnant yet) announced she is pg at Thanksgiving dinner. The real punch is that she got her BFP the day I miscarried so she is due in July when I should have been too. It just hurts so much- I could have gone through pregnancy with her and shared the experience and our kids would have been the same age.

To make matters worse DH doesn't seem to get that I can't be happy right now, he doesn't get how much it hurt to lose a baby. To him it was like a "false positive" (his words). Thank God for my BF, whom even though he couldn't offer much in words, listened and told me that I should not let anyone tell me that how I feel is wrong or that I should have to be happy. I just wish I could get DH to understand that this kind of thing doesn't just go away overnight. It's only been 3 1/2 weeks since I m/c and you ladies and my bf are the only ones I really talk to. To DH it's almost like it never happened.

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  • sending you (((BIG HUGS)))
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  • I completely understand how you're feeling.  I'm so sorry you're dealing with it.   More (((hugs)))
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  • I've been there (((HUGS)))
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  • I understand. I have a sorta friend who is due a within a week of what my EDD was. I honestly can't stand to be around her or talk to her right now. My H is super pissed off at me about it but just doesn't understand how hard it is.
  • Hugs - I'm so sorry DH doesn't "get it".
  • I am so, so sorry!
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  • i'm so sorry for your loss.  it sounds like denial might be your DH's way of coping though.  a lot of times this is easier for a guy because they simply don't know how to process their emotions.
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  • /hugs
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