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Jen & enail: SitterSelection

I saw the post a while back asking for babysitting recs. I am thinking 6 months into the future and thinking that I would like a babysitter/ nanny to come out twice a week for 5 hours on those days.

Jen- Did you ever use their sitters? What was your experience? Were the rates reasonable, etc?

enail- Same questions for you! Looks like you use a nanny...Do you know if this site will connect me with someone i can use on a weekly schedule, or do they prefer to place randomly and date nights or as other engegements come up?

 Depending on what you guys think I might email them soon.


Re: Jen & enail: SitterSelection

  • It's more for once in a while babysitters.  You may want to check out for a nanny.  However, our current nanny, Maren, is one of the people who runs SitterSelection, and she's going to start student teaching in February.  In June, she'll need a new nanny job for the summer.  Quite a few of the sitters are students in the teaching program at Concordia, so they all might be seeking summer employment.  It certainly can't hurt to email.  Also, we've used about 4 of the sitters, and we've been happy with all of them.  They're all different, but they're mature and reliable. 

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  • Thanks! I would really prefer to find someone reliable without having to go through a nanny placement program that charges you an arm and a leg, but I also am trying to avoid craigslist. I've heard of great matchups, but just dont trust it. Thats a good idea though to look for teaching students during the summertime. I would go back to work in May, but my husband is planning on taking some time after I go back to work. Could be good timing. I'll look into that when the time comes!
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  • Just so you know, we found Maren through Craigslist.  I searched for "nanny twins" 9 months before we needed someone to start.  I rarely got a hit, but when I saw her profile, I knew it was meant to be.  She was so obviously qualified.  It was the same on  We could easily tell who was worth interviewing, and at interviews it was pretty obvious who was a good fit.  It's worth checking the two sites if you need more prospects.  Your gut feeling is a great guide.

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  • Hi Rochelle, I sent you a PM : )

    I have used Sitter Selection and really liked them.  I emailed them about 20 dates and they were able to assign different sitters and covered 15 of the nights, no problem.  They all have different fees but because I booked so many, they negotiated a flat rate for me.  Our sitters show up on time, they are late 20s or early 30s, very professional and nice.  I highly reccomend them.

    Also, we found our current nanny on craigslist also.  It was hard for me at first, I had to weed through a TON of ads before I even wanted to interview someone, but we have been very happy with our daycare provider ever since the first time we met her.  So, there are definetly some great people on craigslist, you just have to weed through the masses.

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