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PCOS- Advice wanted.

I just got my ultrasound back with a diagnosis of PCOS.  My doc. has referred me since he is not a specialist and does not feel comfortable treating PCOS.  I was feeling depressed because it's not good news but it's better than not knowing and continuing on Clomid for another useless month.  Crossing my fingers for better luck with an RE in December. Anyway, I told DH and he seemed unaffected by the news.  He just kept saying, "At least we know now... we'll get through this, don't worry."  I appreciate his strength but at the same time wish he would show at least some emotion toward it. 

If you have PCOS, what are the next steps after Clomid? Any way to manage it without medication in the future? Any other relevant information would be greatly appreciated.  Anyway, thanks for listening. I appreciate the open forum to share this stuff more than I can say.


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Re: PCOS- Advice wanted.

  • I was dx's two years ago and really wanted to avoid metformin due to the side effects.  I was also not clearly showing insulin resistance, so it was a bit up in the air about the effectiveness of met anyway.   After speaking to two RE's (one a specialist in PCOS), it was recommended I try switching my diet to a Low-glycemic index one -- which is essentially a diabetic type diet-- low sugar, whole grains etc...  and to try to lose some weight.  within three months of these changes I was ovulating no my own, which i had not been doing with any consistency for two! years, and was soon pregnant with no intervention.   I know everyone has different levels of PCOS, and some may need much more help with a RE.  But, just know that many, MANY women get pregnant with this issue, so try to stay positive!
  • I'm so sorry about what you're going through. I was just diagnosed in September so I'm pretty new to all of this stuff, too. I just found out that DH may have some issues as well so my GYN decided to refer us to the fertility clinic instead of waiting around and trying clomid. As far as other options, I know there are injectables to stimulate ovulation but I don't really know too much about this.

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  • I was also recently diagnosed. I tried 2 cycles of clomid, both of which i didn't O. I have since seen an RE. We had a SA, I will have another round of day 3 B/W, and I have an SHG scheduled for next week.

     I would guess that your RE will suggest doing other tests before prescribing any meds or recommending other treatments. Unfortunately, PCOS may not be the only issue.

    I have read a couple of books on PCOS which have been really helpful, DH has also glanced at them so I think he is more aware of PCOS-the seriousness of it and the challenges that we face in getting pg.

    I recommend: New Glucose Revolution Guide to Living Well with PCOS and A patient's guide to PCOS.  Soulcysters.com has a forum for the husbands..maybe he'd like to check that out.


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  • I would highly recommend Metformin with anything you do. You may not show IR now, but the Met helps prevent it from developing. After Clomid, you could try Femera, trigger shots, and then injectables and all of those can be used with either TI or IUI.
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  • image lindsaymaea:

    I recommend: New Glucose Revolution Guide to Living Well with PCOS and A patient's guide to PCOS.  Soulcysters.com has a forum for the husbands..maybe he'd like to check that out.



    Thank you for this information... I will be passing it along to DH

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  • If you end up needing injectibles, don't worry, they aren't nearly as bad as you'll imagine them to be ;-) And honestly doing the injects taught me that I'm tougher than I thought.
  • My RE puts you on Metformin with Clomid, if that doesn't work, it's
    Femara instead of Clomid, if that doesn't work, it's injectibles, if that doesn't work, it's IVF.  Good luck!
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  • I tried Metformin alone for about 4 months, hoping it would get me ovulating on my own, but it didn't.  It did help me lose 15 pounds, though, which was helpful.  Then I did 4 rounds of Clomid with follicular monitoring, trigger shot, and IUI, but it was my 2nd cycle of injectables/IUI that worked for me! Once I decide that we're finished having babies (might possibly try again for one more), I will probably go back on the BCP, as that really helped mask my PCOS symptoms for years, until I went off when I wanted to get pregnant. GL!  I was down after my diagnosis, too, but now I'm pregnant with two healthy boys!
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