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How is it going ladies?

I feel like I have not "seen" you girls in forever. What is going on in your non-TTC lives?

DH and I are going to try to go see a movie this weekend, and have put our feet down about running to 4 different houses on Turkey day!. His parents are divorced, remarried, divorced ect. It is exhausting to try to fit it all in, eat at each, and enjoy the day!

Re: How is it going ladies?

  • I'm really glad you put your foot down. MY GOODNESS! Don't people know you just had a baby (regardless to the crazy family camotion crap!) - we're staying in on TGing - just the 3 of us. I have announced that I'll be in my PJs all day and everyone is welcome to join me in this motion of solidarity for our little family. We're 2000 miles away from any family and in the spirit of being thankful, we're remembering that sometimes the thing to be thankful for is the distance 'tween yourself and those who drive you batty! :)

    And non-TTC life? Oh you mean poop, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, poop, diaper laundry, cooking some more, having a child who is awefully picky about food, being a short order chef, poop, and cat naps? :P

    I hope your day is looking up love! Still holding you close in my thoughts & heart!!!!
  • I hear you on the poop!! Glad you are staying in with your little fam! Good for you for starting your own traditions!
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  • I'm not sure if PJ's all day is a tradition but....I'll take it. I guess I can imagine my children coming over with THEIR children (*got a little teary typing that one!*) in their jammies....maybe it'll stick :)
  • :::Waves Hello:::

    Nothing new with me.  Just looking forward to DH being home for 4 days and seeing my sister!

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