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Positive thought for this morning...

I love this one ladies!!!!

Positively frustrated

When you feel the need to feel frustration, go ahead and be fully frustrated. Then, be done with it and get on with making positive progress.
Though frustration can feel awful, it is not entirely a bad thing. Because frustration shines a light on your positive passions.

The only people who are never frustrated are people who never attempt anything. When you're committed to creating real value, there is going to be some frustration along the way.

So go ahead and feel that frustration when it comes. Allow it, accept it and welcome it.

When you do, something interesting happens. As soon as you stop fighting it, as soon as you understand what your frustration is telling you, it goes away.

Peacefully let your frustration run its course, and listen carefully as it does. What you're left with is a renewed sense of purpose and passion to move forward.

Re: Positive thought for this morning...

  • I like that a lot!  It's helps to have good friends to vent to in that case, LOL.  Thanks for sharing. :)
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