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places for a shower??

Hello Ladies, I live in Providence and am looking for a good place for a shower of about 40 people.  Any suggestions?  So far, I've been thinking Pan e Vino and CAV?  THOUGHTS??? PLEASE????

Re: places for a shower??

  • I got a place in West Warwick for my wedding for $50. I dunno if you wanna go that far but the price was worth it. It's a VFW Hall on Providence Street. (got that far, HA! We live in RI!!!)
  • I'm planning to have mine at Cafe Gianna in Coventry.
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  • Grrr I'm having the worst time finding a place. My sis is planning it but we haven't been able to find a decent place with a decent price. Our local Knights of Columbus are charging $400 just for the rental! Everywhere I've looked is over $150 for rental. We chose not to do it at a restaurant only because of the ridiculous 28% service fee on top of the food. We figured it would be cheaper to find a place and have it catered. Still looking and open for suggestions...
  • have you tried a hotel?  I work in the hospitality industry and you can TOTALLY negotiate no rental fee in a hotel...I can guarantee no one is using their meeting space (ballrooms, small mtg space for a shower or even their restaurant) on a Sunday in the wintertime....Give it a try! 
  • hey i hope my suggestion isnt too late..i had mine at chelos in their banquet was really nice and spacious and i had about 40 pple..the Warwick location has a nice space as well as the 2 east prv locations..HTH
  • I dont know if its too late to write but My sisters had mine at Twin a giagantic room HUGE amounts of food...very relaxed...valet parking....and it was modestly priced...My sister lives in WISC and had to plan it from there and they were amazing!

    Everyone still raves about food and staff! 

  • Thanks everyone!  We ended up going with The Waterman Grille in Providence. We are only having about 40ish people worked out...thanks a ton!
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