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New to Board - TTC 10 months

I'm new to the board...officially TTC 10 months. I went to the doctor on Friday and if no luck this month I'll be doing the fallopian tube test and will get sperm test done for my husband. I know it hasn't been a year, but I'm getting a little discouraged that nothing has happened yet. I was on the pill for 10 years, and it took me 4 months to get my cycle back.

Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that we'll be lucky this month. I'm taking the ovulation tests and marking my temp daily.

Any advice on next steps would be great! I talked to my doctor about Clomid, but it sounds like you want to make sure that it's monitored carefully and be certain that's what you should be taking.

Re: New to Board - TTC 10 months

  • You might want to check that your insurance will cover the testing, since you haven't been TTC a year yet.  Because a diagnosis of infertility isn't usually given until one year, a lot of insurance companies won't cover testing until you reach that point.

    Also, it's a good idea to read Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  Personally, I wouldn't jump into doing clomid until you've really given it a year of trying.  It's a nasty drug, and can have a lot of side effects.  It truly does take most normal couples up to a year of trying.  Figure you've got a 20% chance each cycle...and it sounds like you haven't had quite 10 cycles yet. 

  • Thank you for the feedback!!
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